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Recognised as the Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner at both the Hong Kong and Singapore HR Vendors of the Year Awards in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Links Recruitment is Hong Kong’s leading HR outsourcing company. Links offers a comprehensive range of award-winning HR outsourcing and HR payroll services across 18 locations in Asia, which help you to focus on growing your business.


Our HR Outsourcing includes:


  • HR best practice and technology advisory
  • Contract management
  • Executive coaching
  • Full HR outsourcing solutions








What is HR Outsourcing? 


Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) is a cost-effective way to subcontract your HR tasks to an external service provider like Links HR Outsourcing. It can reduce both time and costs spend on administrative tasks. Many fear that they will lose control of their business during this process, on the contrary, an experienced HR Outsourcing company can help you take care of your continuous human resources needs so that you can elevate your role and focus on making a difference in your business.


Link’s HR outsourcing helps clients and businesses gain better control over their HR function, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Contact our specialists for a confidential chat and learn what HR Outsourcing and HR Payroll Services we can offer. 

“Taking care of your Payroll, Visa, PEO/EOR and HR needs.“


With 20 years of experience in HR Outsourcing services across the Asia-Pacific region, our team of 120 specialists in our 10 offices will take care of your HR needs.


Payroll Outsourcing Secondment / PEO OutsourcingVisa Application ServicesHR Outplacement

Outsource your payroll processes and focus on higher-value strategic activities

Cost-effective and flexible solutions for headcount freezes or overseas expansion

Expert immigration advice and fast visa processing in Asia regions

Take care of your employees even after they leave.

Connecting people to future opportunities and putting people into jobs

ISO 27001 Compliant and Secure HR Outsourcing

When outsourcing your payroll and HR administration in China, it’s critical that you protect confidential business information and your employees’ personal information. Information security is critical to our business and so our HR Outsourcing services are audited and certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. Links International’s robust IT infrastructure, ISO 27001 compliant processes and Business Continuity Measures ensure that our clients have the highest level of information security.



Experienced HR Outsourcing Specialists
  • #1
    Recognised as Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner
  • 20
    Years of experience managing HR solutions in Asia
  • 47%
    Growth in number of employees being payrolled year on year
  • 97%
    Client retention rate for 2017
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  • 2022- Malaysia Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner
  • 2022 Star Performer
  • 2021 Everest
  • 2021GHR
  • JobsDB 2021/2022
  • 2021- Hongkong Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner
  • 2020-the Top Rated Human Resources Service Provider
  • 2020 Best HR Outsourcing Partner-Singapore
  • 2019- Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner-Hong Kong
  • 2018- Best Recruitment Firm- Mid Management Roles, Singapore
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