Links provides a full HR Outsourcing service

With expertise across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China and Macau, Links has a proven track record of successful HR outsourcing and advisory. Our extensive knowledge across multiple HR principles has enabled us to provide businesses with world-class services.


Our HR Outsourcing and Advisory services include:


  • HR best practice and technology advisory
  • Contract management
  • Executive coaching
  • Full HR outsourcing solutions


We understand the importance of human capital – it determines the success of any business. Human resources are the backbone in talent and business strategy development in any organisation. At Links International, we pride ourselves on delivering effective, reliable full-service HR solutions. We seek to help organisations save time and cost on mundane HR tasks, thereby enhancing efficiency.  From hiring, to managing administrative duties, human resources plays an essential role in sustaining a healthy business. To boost greater productivity, you need a dependable solution provider that covers all aspects of HR operation.


Comprehensive HR Payroll, Outsourcing and Advisory


With services ranging from HR administration and recruitment outsourcing, to executive coaching, we enable businesses to streamline processes and foster organisational engagement, in order to facilitate continuous, prolonged growth. In today’s fast-changing business landscape, organisations are faced with multiple challenges and difficulties in driving performance while reducing cost. Our comprehensive HR outsourcing and advisory services seek to alleviate the time-consuming, complex HR tasks so that businesses can shift their focus on developing high-value strategies and talents. If you are interested in hearing more about our full HR outsourcing and HR payroll services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.


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