Taking care of your employees even after they leave



What is Outplacement?


Connecting people to future opportunities and putting people into jobs

Many major corporations now provide outplacement services as a socially responsible approach towards severance packages. Outplacement is a great way for clients to care for their employees even after company restructuring while maintaining a client’s reputation and employment brand. Links outplacement services can be seen as redundancy aftercare, providing both practical and mental support for employees and helping individuals transition into their next career.


With 20 years of experience in Asia helping companies and individuals achieve growth in their business and career, our team of 120 specialists will cater to any outplacement needs.





Benefits of Links Outplacement Programme



How does Links Outplacement programme support employers?


  • Supporting individuals in their transition in order to reduce conflict and avoid possible legal disputes
  • Protecting their brand as an employer by demonstrating care for departing employees
  • Maintain morale for internal staff, knowing that the client will continue to provide support even after redundancy


How does Links outplacement programme support employees?


  • Providing individuals with increased confidence and security by preparing them for their next role
  • Providing individuals with new job opportunities and networks







What Links Outplacement Programme Offers


  • Providing counselling for individuals through career management support
  • Developing resumes & cover letters
  • Hosting job search training and arming individuals with the skills to find their next role
  • Preparing and delivering Town hall sessions, providing macro perspective on the current job market by function
  • Helping individuals identify new career path and relevant training
  • Conducting and reviewing employee surveys to determine core competencies and preparing career advice accordingly







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