Expert advice on visa application processing in Asia

Links understands how critical it is to have the right people in the right job, that’s why our clients have relied on Links for expert immigration advice and fast visa application processing in Asia. Our professional team of 120  has years of experience dealing with local immigration authorities and will ensure an efficient turnaround of your employee’s visa application. 





We offer the following types of visa in Mainland China:


  • Employment visas
  • Dependent visas
  • Business visas


We offer the following types of visa in Asia:


  • Employment visas
  • Dependent visas
  • Training visas
  • APEC business travel card








About Links’ Visa Processing Services


Our visa application processing services include:


  • Consultation regarding documents required for investment visa application
  • Preparation of a customised checklist of documents required
  • Completion of all required immigration forms
  • Reviewing documents as per immigration policy
  • Submission of application to immigration
  • Liaising with the immigration department and responding to all enquiries on behalf of the client
  • Preparation of all correspondence to the immigration department
  • Keeping track of the application process and updating the client on the status of the application
  • Endorsement of visa in client’s passport and safe delivery to the client.



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