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We’re seeing important shifts in global background screening as companies around the world seek to continuously optimize their programs in order to better understand candidates in less time.  With the talent acquisition work getting more challenging, background screen is moving to the front stage of candidate screening instead of the final step of the recruitment process. With the fast growth of many companies, turnaround time is one of the focused attention, and quick check report is desired by more and more clients, especially in the IT field.


Today, flexible staffing is implemented extensively,  contingent work is providing much-needed opportunities for both workers and employers.  Fast and adaptable contractor screening is needed world-wide.


Links' background screen service can provide you: 


- Education Check 

- Professional Qualification/License Check

- Employment Details Check   

- Employment Performance Check 

- Civil Litigation Check   

- Criminal Check    

- Financial Regulatory Check    

- Insurance Regulatory Search    

- ID Check     

- Business Interest Conflict Check     

- Resume Comparison   

- Global sanction watch list




Our strength and features:


- Full Service Capability

- Customized Service Level & Investigation  

- Dedicate Consultant with Experienced background

- Data Information & Source 100% legal and safe    

- Fast reporting 5-7 working days     


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