Coronavirus: Extended Care to Staff and Clients

Demonstrating Employee Care Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak


With the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus, many people are concerned. Like many companies based in Asia where the effects of the outbreak are most prevalent, Links International is keen in protecting our staff and providing them the assistance required to safely carry out their day-to-day activities.


Early February, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) put out a brief guideline for companies to use within the workplace to help slow down the transmission.


Keen on extending care and dedication to our stakeholders including our employees and clients, here are some measures in addition to our business continuity measures that we’ve put in place to ensure Links’ employees can work in a safe environment without affecting our services and deliveries to clients. 


Extending Additional Care and Assistance to Employees


Assessing the potential dangers of a coronavirus outbreak in Asia, we were quick to roll out a series of measures and support to our staff and ensure their safety. 


Our main concern was in protecting our employees from harm. As part of our emergency protocol, Links engaged appropriate measures as depicted in our business continuity management guide. This meant taking extra precautions in the workplace by increasing the supply of masks and hand sanitisers at the office and encouraging employees to practice personal hygiene during this season.


Key personal regularly updates each office of the latest emergency measures through multiple forms of communication, informing all parties immediately.


As an additional safety precaution, we extended our flexible working policy.  Employees are also given the option to work from home during this period or return and leave work during non-peak hours to avoid crowds, as our goal is to protect our people from the coronavirus the best way possible. 


A crucial part of our contingency strategy was in transparently communicating the steps that we were taking as a company to address and assist our staff. In order to help our employees carry out their daily work and deliver to our clients, we extended IT support allowing for remote access so our people could continue their daily business and connect with clients via virtual meetings.


Dedicated Measures to Deliver HR Services with Quality


To ensure our employees’ safety and that our clients are not affected by this sudden outbreak, we are actively monitoring the situation across all offices. 


We have also taken action with the following measures during this time to secure the delivery of our services.


Service Hotline

We’ve diverted key office hotlines so clients care able to reach us anytime during office hours.


Calendar Planning & Rostering

We’ve assigned key personnel during this period to stay at the office so they are able to address critical needs. This ensures that we are able to deliver quality services to our clients.


Security & Accuracy

As a security measure, we have increased surveillance logs to help protect our clients’ information making sure it is not compromised by the remote work.


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